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«Loud & Lousy» is out now!

THE MONOFONES new album is finally here.

« Hundred thousand howling hounds of hell, the MONOFONES are back! »,

as Captain Haddock would say. And how they are back! 14 years and 200 concerts all over Europe on their backs they haven’t become any quieter. Nor better. Thank goodness! Because it's exactly this mixture of three-chord garage rock from the 60s, punk attitude and lo-fi kitsch choruses that makes THE MONOFONES so charming.

This is also evident on their sixth record «Loud & Lousy», which combines 13 wild yet catchy dance numbers and two cuddle rock hits. To Captain Haddock's delight, there is even a howling dog involved.

Album: «Loud & Lousy»

Release-date: January 21, 2022


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