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The Monfones - Nuts - 12" Vinyl

The Monfones - Nuts - 12" Vinyl

CHF 20.00Price

The Monfones - Nuts

12" Vinyl

CD included


release-date: April 1, 2015


«Limited», «Deranged», «Superhits» and now «Nuts». Within only three days THE MONOFONES recorded the 14 songs of their fourth album and thus stayed musically true to themselves by playing their garage-rock as dirty and trashy as possible. Sir Hamesly’s guitar sounds like a tractor which is about to kick the bucket, the drum of El Miguel rumbles like a discarded car engine and Miss O.O. uses her organ, as if she had to scold a whole army.

An excessive consumption of animal documentaries has not only left it’s traces in the lyrics on «Nuts» but also resulted in poetical masterpieces about porcupines in love and megalomaniac pugs. Apart from that it is also religious, cultural and philosophical aspects of life which are investigated: Jesus gets sent into a nailstudio, the father of rock’n’roll Lemmy is honoured in a hymn and the arch-fiend gets presented a list of all existing fatal illnesses.

All over Europe THE MONOFONES are well known for their wild, trashy and sweaty live shows, for being elegantly dressed and for being kind of nuts. Squirrel ahoi – may the Mono be with you!


    12" Vinyl, CD included


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